SnackBoom Unboxing and Tasting (October 2018) Korean Snack Subscription Box Ft. XY Hotel Bugis

Welcome to IreviewUread! Today I’m going to unbox a Korean Snack Box unboxing! Before I jump into that, did you notice a background change? Well, that’s because I’m staying at XY Hotel Bugis for my staycation!

Located in the colourful neighbourhood of Kampong Glam, XY Hotel Bugis is a boutique hotel that features eccentric art pieces and modern technology. One of the most iconic pieces was a ladder that hung haphazardly from the ceiling. The ladder was from the former shop that sits in this location before XY hotel Bugis was founded. Right next to the art pieces, is a humble bistro that serves delicious delicacies. Fun fact, the design of the dining tables are routes of the Kampong Glam area!

Right above the dining area, an outdoor glass pool illuminates natural light into the hotel. The pool is a great way to relax and enjoy some privacy at the heart of Singapore.

My favourite part of the hotel has got to be their whimsical decorations. The décor extends into the rooms. Each room features a different art piece that was hand painted by young Singaporean artists. I’ve chosen to stay in The Rooster room for it not only gives me a warm and happy vibe, but it’s also a commemorative piece of the Thieves’ market near Sungei Road. An iconic antiquity in Singapore.

With that, let’s jump back into the K-culture! Let’s face it, who haven’t been hit by the K-wave. I know I have. And, when I heard of this Korean snack box, “SnackBOOM” I was ecstatic!

So, what is “SnackBOOM”? SnackBOOM is a snack box that not only contains and abundance of popular Korean snacks, but their boxes have a new theme every month too! For July’s theme, they feature ‘Wanna One’. that means you get some Wanna One goodies in your SnackBoom Box! And while in August, they feature ‘Got7’ which is amazing. When you subscribe, you not only get these amazing new and interesting goodies, but you also get these themed goodies as well. The goodies can range from stickers and such!

I know all you Kpop fans are internally jumping for joy now I mean you get food and you get things which represent you or your bias. For those of you which are only bias towards certain group, like myself. You’re wondering, “must I subscribe? But I don’t really want goodies from the other Kpop group. Well, good news for you! You don’t need to for you can make a one-time purchase for that box for SGD$29.90. However if you do subscribe, one box will only cost $26.90 and it comes with free shipping. Imagine getting this huge box of goodies for less than $30 every month. Just in case you don’t see how huge it is. It’s actually rather huge! It’s bigger than my face! Additionally, you get to try out the new Korean snacks every month. Amazing!

snackbookdiscount code.jpg

Now for all of you Ireviewureaders and watchers. I have good news for you! You can use my quote over here for 30% off a box. Additionally, SnackBoom is currently having a special promotion where you can just leave a photo review of a snack boom box and you get 40% off your subscription. You can read more information on their website as linked in the description box below. Enough talking, time to unbox this huge box!

Since it’s October, that means there’s new theme. They’re giving out Wanna One goodies for the first 100 subscribers. So do be quick. Now enough chattering. Let’s jump in!

You know that feeling when you got a mystery box? And you have no idea what’s inside it’s just like a surprise! I’m having that feeling right now! Let’s Open! This whole thing is packed. Ok, now the first thing which I see is… What’s this? It looks something like Jagabee but it’s not really Jagabee. There’s a weird picture of this… Is there like a sauce in this? This got me wondering! Oooo Woah! A lot thicker than I expected. Like damn son! There’s a hole in the middle. Cheese. This is amazing! Something like rollercoaster but not really rollercoaster. I have no idea how to describe this but.. It’s just amazing! Apparently, this snack comes with a sweet barbeque sauce which was hidden in the middle of the package. After trying them out together, it does taste better with the sauce. And next which I see is this! Premium whole almond candy. Everything else is in Korean. Let’s open this. Almond candy? I eat almond chocolate.. Ooo! There’s like multiple packets in this. There’s an almond in this. Cool! Oh wow! The crunch. I think I’m supposed to suck on it. But I’m biting it. I think it’s like milk candy at the bottom? and then there’s almond at the top. It’s also really sweet. And I have a sweet tooth. I’m liking this. There’s 20 packets in it.. and I can’t read anything. So, ya it taste good.

Next, we’re going to go for…This! This looks like raw potato chips. Oh, I think this is like unsalted potato. Oh so cool…. Next, I’ll be trying this. This is like a peanut thing. Peanut cracker? Wow. It smells like peanut. You can see like there’s the peanut flakes in it. It’s really cool. Taste like peanut butter, I’m liking this!

I noticed that there’s a drink in it. Ohhh, Grape! After all that snack, we definitely need a drink. Opening. Aside from getting my lipstick all over this thing. There seemed to be some grapey… Is there grapes in it?! OMG there’s grapes in it. This is so cool. There’s like jelly grapes in it. So I really want to try the grapes and I poured it in a cup! It’s just amazing. Let’s try. Oh! It’s so soft, it disintegrates in your mouth. I’m so fascinated, I’m so impressed. I would definitely recommend this, this is so good.

It taste…It taste grapey and it doesn’t taste like very sweet. 128 calories, since 1981. Amazing. So far, it’s amazing. This snackbox is amazing, We’re moving on to this! Ohh. I think this is a pancake mix. I love making pancakes, I am a sucker for pancakes. Sweet Korean pancake mix. It looks a little like pumpkin. I can’t to try this. You can also make muffin and cookies from this pancake mix. This is an amazing piece of thing. I will make this. Or at least my father will make this. One of us will make this. That’s the problem with having chefs and cooks in your family, everyone wants to make things. I didn’t expect this to in a snackbox. I don’t think anybody would expect this.

Let’s try this, OREO. Oh memories. Oh it does look like Oreo but it’s more a fatter Oreo because the fillings are … are more.. Fat. It smells like oreo. Oh! This is similar tasting to Oreo. I’m liking this. Erf, if only I have like a milk or something. This is amazing. 10 out of 10. Taste like the original oreo. It’s amazing.  Imitation oreo which actually taste like oreo.

We’re going for goldfish! I’m going to try out this goldfish. Oh! At the side you can see like. There’s like the pictures of the goldfish. It is so cute, OMG. Bingo? OMG you can play Bingo? Is there like a Bingo sheet in it? Oh My God. This is so cute! We have a tortoise! It does not taste like goldfish, it taste like the… I don’t know what is that snack called. I’ll put the image over here, but than it taste like that. I was addicted to that snack for the longest period of time. It will always make your hand smell kind of like that snack. Kind of have like, this roasted chicken kind of after taste so.. I’m sorry Mr Rooster for eating..

Next. This is basically like a baked pastry kind of .. It’s a pastry cracker. Slow cooking. Oh, wow! It comes in multiple packets. You can see like there’s sugar crust on it. Hmmp, it’s sweet. Taste like Tau Da Pia. The plain cracker with the sugar on top. It doesn’t really look like the picture though. But I really love this packaging. But it taste like Tau Sa Pia.

Now next, milk candy! A milk candy. Soft candy with fresh A1 grade milk. I like it when they come in this kind of smaller packets. Oh! Oh it’s chewable! You can taste the milk taste, which is really really strong. It doesn’t taste like, you know the normal milk candy that kind of milk. Because sometimes when you know the normal milk candy taste like condense milk, you’re like nope. It’s not happening, I’m not swallowing this. But this taste like authentic milk. Something like the white rabbit milk candy. And it gets stuck in your teeth, just like the white rabbit milk candy. I would definitely buy this again.

Next, we’re going to try this. Oh! Another candy, there seemed to be alot of candy packages in this. Which I’m not hating because sweet tooth. Look like some fruit burst where they contain, Lemon flavoured, orange, apple, and grape. It kind of reminds me of Skittles. Ohhh. It does look like Skittles Look, it’s like a lighter colour but it have the Skittles kind of feel. Let’s try the grape one because, I love grapes. Some of it looks abit broken but the inside looks ok. It have a weird flavour. I’m not liking this. Now, the orange one. Hmmp! The orange flavour is good. Now the lemon flavour. Oh! The lemon flavour there’s a zesty lemon kind of taste to it. It’s a bit sour but I’m liking the sourness. Lastly the apple. Actually by now, I can’t really taste much because everything is just in my mouth. Oh!! Wow! The green apple taste is so strong. I was shocked. Like there’s a pow of green apple. Like if you love green apple, this is great.

Next, I’m ready for some chips! So this is a baked potato. Baked potato chip! Potato Potato Potato. Like the other one, it comes in 2 packets. It looks perfect with the crisps and shape. Taste like baked potato, it doesn’t taste too salty. It doesn’t even really taste salty. You can’t really taste the preservatives or much inside. This is A grade, premium potato chip. This potato chip needs a crown because it’s that good. Definitely, 10 out of 10. Amazing.

It seems that we’re left with a few things. One is this, Jelly Day kind of grape I’m not quite sure if you can see but it’s like a flab. Oh Gummy! It’s not too sweet, I like it’s chewy factor. It’s like when at the end then you get like a grape pound flavour. It’s great for when you’re bored and you’re looking for things to chew and you don’t want something to be too sweet. I feel that it doesn’t have much of a grape taste though.

Last thing is definitely.. this! This is the Wanna One stickers. And this is Daniel. Okay, basically I only recognized one cursor from wanna one. Which is Daniel. because I watched it’s dangerous outside the blanket and he’s inside. So that is the only person I recognize. Especially for the Kpop fans. You can see all the members of the Wanna One. So this is a sticker sheet, it’s so cool. The sticker sheets are really good quality. Oh wow And it looks so cute. It feels just like a Neoprint kind of feel.

With a ton of opened packages around me and the room in a mess, I guess, we’ve come to the end of this unboxing and tasting video. I really like this box because they exposed me to so many various things I’ve never tried before. One of my favourite would definitely be the baked potato and the grape juice. Next that I found most interesting is this. This peanut thing. I like peanut and this is amazing. Although there are similar tasting products that we can find in our local store, it doesn’t mean it’s the same. There’s still like it’s like a slight difference in the taste and the texture. I think it’s quite worth it to get snack boom because you’re not only taste all these variety of snacks. Plus you get your bias stickers. Oh my god. Why not? Do remember to use my coupon code over here for 30% off. With that, we’ve come to the end of this video. Thank you the Snack Boom for all the goodies and thank you XY Hotel for this room! Do check XY Hotel Bugis out as linked in the description box below. And do check out Snack Boom out. Do remember to use my discount code. For more information do refer to Thank you for watching. Do remember to Like, subscribe and comment and I will see you in the next video. Bye! This is amazing


Journal Materials Swapping Challenge 🖋️| IreviewUread X AWalkWithAud 📖 | I Journal U See 2



Welcome to IreviewUread. In this video, I’ll be doing a Journal Materials swapping challenge with A Walk with Aud. The challenge is to use the other person’s journaling items to create our signature journal spread. Presenting the goodies I’ve gotten from her. Don’t forget to head over to A Walk with Aud’s channel and watch how she utilised my journaling items. Link in description box below.

With that let’s start.


And we’re done with the spread! I like how there’s a simple and clean theme in the front and a Bohemian vibe at the back. We got the best of both worlds.

Thank you all for watching and to Audrey for this collaboration. Once again, do head over to her channel and watch her creativity unleash on her journal spread. Link in description box below

3 ways to display your Travel Memories | IreviewUread DIY

Welcome to IreviewUread DIY! I know it seemed like a very long time since I posted a DIY video so today, I’m bringing you an extra special one! Before I move on, do remember to subscribe to my channel by clicking on the red button below for more DIY tutorial, beauty and lifestyle reviews and vlogs. Now back to the tutorial.
In this video, I’m going to teach you 3 ways on how your can keep your keep sakes from your travels. These technics could be used for other memorable moments as well.
With that, let’s jump into the tutorials!
The first tutorial would be a guide on how you can display your trinklets from your travels in a shadow box
Items required includes a shadow box, stationeries and of course your travel trinkets. The first step is to retrieve the example picture or frame from the shadowbox.
I will be using the map as the background. To keep things easier, I folded and glue the map onto the frame.
After that is done, it’s time to pick out what to cover the background with. I gravitate towards scenery and the names of the iconic places I’ve been to. When you’re done choosing, carefully cut them out.
Now to arrange them. My strategy is to place the bigger pieces at the back. Then I’ll re-arrange the other pieces until satisfactory. Do remember that you don’t need to put all that you’ve cut on the canvas. Just put the important ones.
In my layout, I decided to highlight and focus on displaying the tickets of the attractions I’ve been to. I’ve also put some mountains so that there’s some colour in the design. After you’ve secure your design, chop off the sides so that the layout can fit in your frame.
Now that the background is done, we will be creating the hanging elements in the shadow box next.
First, I tied the strings to the sides of the inner wooden frame of the shadow box. Remember to tie the string tautly. Thereafter, choose your favourite clip and hang on your tickets
Since I’m hanging 3 trinklet, I tied a second string at the bottom. You need to ensure the favourite part of your background is not covered by these trinklets. Put your background in and re-adjust if needed.
The final step is to fill the bottom of your shadow box. I chose little rocks and trinkets to decorate them with. You can use anything as long as they fit.
First, I spread the stones as the base. then I arrange the little souvenirs I got from the trip.
Finally, when everything is done, secure the back and you’re done!
I love this project for it not only tastefully display the tickets and maps from the trip. It also makes a good gift for your love ones too.
Ain’t this shadow box so filled with life? I like how there’s a platform at the bottom to put some smaller souvenirs from the trips.
Now moving on!
In this tutorial I will be presenting to you on how to make a display memory plate.
You’ll need a plate, tickets, pictures from phalmets. and most importantly, Mod Podge. Mod Podge is important for it not only acts as glue but it also doubles as a sealer and help make the surface waterproof.
The first step is to spread the mod podge evenly. To prevent it from drying, spread half a plate or a small part first. Next, layer the trinklets on the plate. You can add more Mod Podge if necessary.
When you’re done, spread another layer of Mod podge on top to seal them in.
After the mod podge dry, cut off the edges. Add some stickers or small pictures to make the memory plate look fuller.
And that’s how you make your very own display travel memory plate!
This display memory plate is great for putting your accessories on it or displaying on your shelfs. You can even paste it on your wall! Just imagine, having a whole row of display memory plates that showcases your travel. I call them my traveller’s plate series.
Anyways, moving on to the last tutorial!
In the last tutorial, I will be creating a travel Journal page with you. You need your journal and your travel trinkles for this tutorial. I place the bigger piece first and work the other pieces around. I added in the days so that can take note of my travel adventures. To ensure that I would still be able to see the front and back of the trinkets, I secure them to the journal in using glue. You can also use washi tape for a more aesthetic approach. Time for some stickers. Stickers are great for filling in the gaps. Think of them as the cherry on top. Aside from stickers, you can fill the spaces with some writings. Since I went to the aquarium, I added some sea life stickers next to the tickets. I try to add decorations that represent the places that I went to.
Next, I attempt to draw the Sydney tower. Close enough! Finally, I add a little quote at the back and I’m done! Presenting my finished travel pages.
Ah The perfect journal pages! If you guys do not know, I am simply obsessed with journaling.I love cutting and pasting everything in a book. Compiling them into my book of memories. You can see my journal pages on my social media, as linked in the description box below.
Yeah! Now all of our travel trinklets are creatively displayed for the world to see and we do not even have to fork out a fortune! If you prefer the blog version of this tutorial, head over to and read the step by step blog. If you like the video don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to my channel. Finally, if you’re looking for more DIY tutorials, head over to my playlist linked below and binge watch them! Thank you for watching IreviewUread DIY! Psst. If you’re journal junkie like me, I am curating the prefect video for you, so do subscribe! *wink*



Blog post:

Tamaki Maori Village | New Zealand Vlog 1 | IreviewUread Travels

Welcome to IreviewUread travels and in this vlog I will be bringing you to New Zealand! This is part 1 of my many part New Zealand adventure so do subscribe and follow me on my social media accounts for more travel adventures. Now, let’s fly!
I took Singapore Airlines for a 10 hours straight flight and boy, was there so much food served! There’s even mini magnum Ice Cream! After many hours, the land of the long white clouds was finally spotted.
Lo and Behold, we’ve reached New Zealand! As I have a weak body, I caught something on the plane and I became sick. So I didn’t vlog the first day. Anyways, nothing fun happen except for a night stay at Sky City Auckland . Things only got exciting after we took a 4 hours bus ride in to Rotorua.
That night, we joined a tour that brought us to Tamaki Maori Village to learn more about the Maori culture.
Presenting my sick and cold face. As a person that is very used to summer in Singapore all the time, 9 degrees at that time felt like I was in a walking fridge. Plus we were in a forest.
Anyways, we started off the tour with a traditional Maori introduction.
Next, we were brought to various station where different parts of the maori culture were presented.
Finally, we got out of the cold, into the house where a cultural dance was presented to us. Enjoy.
Thereafter, it was dinner time. We were served these delicious slow cooked meals that were cooked underground.
While enjoying dinner, there was another performance in the dining hall. After that, we all left for our respective buses and head back to our hotel.
And that’s the end of New Zealand trip, day 2. Since I do not have an outro, here’s a view from my hotel. Plus a sneak peak of my next New Zealand Vlog
Thank you for watching, do like, subscribe and comment. And I will see you in the next video.

I got rid of my Acne scars! | TCS Aesthetics Central Clinic| Edge One CO2 Laser Treatment |Session 1

Welcome to IreviewUread! Today I will be introducing to you TCS Aesthetic Clinic where I will be doing my laser treatment there. So basically, I will be showing this first session of my laser treatment where it can not only get rid of wrinkles but it also can get rid of my acne marks too. So I have acne marks like over at my cheeks here and it really bothered me as a beauty blogger so I decided to just get rid of it. So this is my before Skin condition. There are various acne marks on my cheeks and nose. I also have uneven skin tone and open pores my face.
Now, I’m going to take you through the whole process of this laser treatment. That includes what I look like 12 days to a month after the treatment too.
When I first arrived at TCS Aesthetic central clinic, I was greeted with a chic and polished aesthetic. I was also given a registration form to fill up.
After filling up the form, I was lead to Dr Ryan Tan’s consultation room. In there, I learned more about the laser treatment and release my queries. You can see the detailed FAQ about the treatment on IreviewUread. Link in description box.
Thereafter, I was brought to the makeup room and toilet. In there, I used the calming milk wash to remove the impurities from my face before proceeding.
Next, numbing cream was spread all over my face by Dr Tan’s assistant.
Since that numbing cream required 30 minutes to activate, I was lead to the waiting room to wait it out.
After 30 minutes, I was brought to the room where my CO2 laser will be carried out. Before that, the assistant help me remove the excess numbing cream off my face and help me get situated.
Before I head on to describe about the treatment, here’s the actual audio from the session.
*laser sound*
Is it ok?
very good
So not so scary ya?
As you can hear, Dr Ryan Tan is very friendly throughout the session. He not only gently tried to calm my nerves but he informed me whenever he move the laser to another position. He was very concern about the patient. Now about the laser session. When the laser came in contact with my skin, it felt like tiny needles stabbing all over my face. This lasted for about 3 to 5 minutes.
After the CO2 laser was over, tiny dots could be seen all over my face. More prominently on my nose.
Since I had some oil bumps, a more focused laser was used to get rid of them. This time, it was not as painful.
Finally, all the treatment is done. The assistant proceed to massage in some antibiotics and moisturiser all over my face. I am not to wash my face for the rest of the day. And if my face start to feel like it’s hot, dry and itchy, I can calm it down with an ice pack.
As you can see my skin looked more moisturized. The dots are also less prominent.
For the aftercare, they gave me some Bio Cellulose Stem Cell Masks and Fobancort Antibiotics Cream. The antibiotics is to be applied twice a day while the mask is to be applied 2 to 3 times a week.
After I reached home, my face was red. Especially my cheek area. Additionally, it was dry and itchy. Thus, I decided to ice those parts.
Later that day, my face is not red anymore.
The next day, it was time for me to wash my face and it hurts. When it hurts parts of my face will turn red. However, both the redness and pain faded eventually. I also can feel the dotted scars forming on my face. They felt like scales. Because of these scales I was not able to apply my products evenly. I also have to be careful of what I apply to prevent further irritations.
Hello so this is day 3 of the proceedor and you can see that there redness over here but it’s not pain like it’s not as not pain all. It’s just. I think, it will turn brown. I feel so scaly like the scab on my face. Scab? Sclab?It’s stuck on my face. And it feels so scaly. I cannot put on my skin care properly. And not to say makeup. Makeup is horrible. But so far so good as long as I don’t feel pain it’s fine. Plus I think I just did a photoshoot in the hot hot place so it may be red. But I will check in with you in a few more days. Bye!
That night, I applied the gel mask. My face calm down at the end of the day but you can see some redness here and there.
The mask felt very cooling despite not placing it in the fridge beforehand. It was dripping with essence. Although it was a little small at the sides, I like how it clung to every corner of my face. It also have no scent.
After usage, the redness on my face disappeared. My skin also felt cool and hydrated.
By day 3, my scabs on my skin started to peel off when I touch it or apply my skincare using the cotton pad. As you can see, the scabs came off in tiny dots. It shedded mostly from my nose. Looking at these dots, it reminds me of the feeling that one get when looking at a used pore strip. So satisfying!
On Day 4 because of the peeling, I was able to feel small parts of my face that felt very smooth while others were as rough as before. One of the roughest part is around my nose area. Despite the parts of my face going through such a rough patch, I never had a problem with my face being dry. This may be due to my moisturisation habit.
Day 5 came and my cheeks became smooth and bouncy. It felt like I was touching baby skin. On the other hand, my nose still felt rough. Like the previous days, the scabs fell off as soon as I touch them. Despite that, my forehead didn’t peel at all.
On day 6, my skin started to look like it’s glowing. Although the texture at the cheek area did feel back to normal, some parts of my face did feel kind of scaly.
It’s been a week since the treatment and my skin was glowing with radiance. Many of the scabs fell off unknowingly. Thus, my cheeks and nose have start to clear up beautifully.
On day 8, I seemed to have spotted some small pimples popping out at the left side of my face. However aside from that, my skin look radiant, brighter and whiter. Some of my scars on my right cheeks have diminished but not all of them. On the other hand, the sides of my face were still rather rough and refuse to peel. I’m not sure if it would peel in this cycle at all.
Day 9 rolled over and most of my scabs have gone it’s own ways. But some of them still stayed. Despite being on my menstrual cycle, I did not find as much pimples on my face. I am impressed at how my skin still looked and how it is glowing at this stage.
For day 10, my skin looked the same as the previous days. It looked healthier and whiter. There were still stubborn scabs on my forehead and around my face. At this point I did notice that my skin felt more sensitive than it was previously.
On day 11 my face felt like how it regularly feel except that it is healthier and softer than before. The stubborn scabs in a way became part of my face. I did see the oil spots come back despite being lasered off previously.
On day 12 my face look like the day before. It seems like things are going back to normal.
When I tried to put on makeup on day 16, I find that the application is flawless. On the other hand, my skin did become 1 shade lighter.
1 month after the laser treatment, some of my scars on my right cheek did disappear. My skin is also 1 shade lighter. I love how radiant my skin looks throughout the month. However because of hormones, I have a huge acne on my nose.
So that is how my laser session goes. This is my first session of the laser I will be going for 5 sessions and I will be doing 5 blog posts. I will be doing a few more videos on the laser session, so I do hope that you do subscribe and do keep up with me on this journey. So overall I do like the laser session for it does really help with clearing the acne scars on my face. My skin also feel very soft and baby smooth. it’s like it’s so bouncy! I do find that my skin do look 1 shade lighter like it’s not this white and it’s just nicer! White is nice right? I feel that the service in TCS aesthetic clinic is really great they’re really kind and they do engage in small talk while I was waiting. I feel that Dr Ryan Tan is also very professional and patient when it comes to my hundred and one questions. He is also very friendly and easy to talk to. I am definitely lucky to have him as my doctor. Place the location of the clinic is at Clarque Quay Central so it’s really convenient for people who come from other places or from the offices.So that’s the end of this laser treatment video. You can see the textual version of this review on IreviewUread as linked in te description box below. Thank you for watching IreviewUread and I do hope that you like this video. Do remember to like, subscribe and comment and I will see you in the next video. Bye!

*Previous video*
You need a scissors? OK never mind. I am the scissors! Rawr!
Welcome to IreviewUread! And today we’re going to do a Aroma Mart Snack test. We’re just going to try out at random. So what you want try first?
*box drop*
This ok? OK! O god!Oh my god! It’s flaking everywhere!
Harder than oreos. I would still prefer oreos. It doesn’t taste as nice as oreos. I think oreos would be cheaper.

Trying out Japanese Candy & Snacks with The Boyfriend! | Iroha Mart Taste Test

You need a scissors?
OK nevermind.
I am the scissors!
Welcome to IreviewUread
and today we’re going to do a Iroha Mart snack test.
Iroha Mart is a store that I bought a Fukubukuro from them!
So you can see the fukubukuro haul in this video over here or as linked in the description box below.
As mentioned in my previous video, I would have a special guest today.
But before I head on, do remember to hit the subscribe button and hit the bell button so that you get a notification every time I post a video.
So now I have my special guest here, The Boyfriend!
So today we’re going to try out all of these snacks which I got from the haul. So these are basically the Japanese snacks and you can see all of them here on the blog as linked in the description box below first
And we’re just going to try out at random.
So, what you want to try first?
*Box drops*
This one?
So, what we have here is the Nissin Cisco Corn Flake Kinako flavour.
So it’s roasted sesame flour?
It comes in this silver package. I thought they would be individually packed, like a pie?
Looks like a pizza.
When you just open it, you can smell like peanut flavour. And it looks really crunchy.
Oh god, Oh my god! It’s flaking everywhere. Taste very sweet.
Cereal Sticking together.
Have you tried like this Kinako flavour before?
Well, I haven’t either so I’m not quite sure it resembles it’s original flavour or not.
Well, it’s not bad.I would buy it.
I think it would prefer it to be more individually packed but this little pie looks really cool.
Honestly I would not buy it again.
Because I think it’s like abit too sweet for my taste.
I think it’s Ok.
Ok then you can take it home.
Kay now moving on to the next one.
This one.
SO he’s really interested in this ‘oreo’ one.
This is imitation oreo. It looks like oreos but I don’t think it’s oreos at all.
It looks like oreos, it looks like miniature oreos. I think the question now is, does it taste like oreos?
Harder than oreos.
It’s sweeter.
I would still prefer oreos.
It have like a faint vanilla smell to it.
I think the middle part doesn’t have much taste. I think they put vanilla essence in the middle part.
The cream doesn’t taste as nice as oreos cream.
so would you buy this again?
I don’ think so?
I think oreo would be cheaper and better.
It does reallly taste like
you would describe like cocoa
this one you bring home.
So would I buy this again? Most probably. Probably.
I stick to my oreos better.
Next. I want to try. We’re going to try something which I have been anticipating.
This! Mochi Chocolate. Mochi and chocolate at the same time? This is amazing.
So this is basically Mochi i the middle and chocolate around it. I believe that is milk chocolate after all it looks so light on the packaging.
So let, now let’s open. Does it have a smell?
Muah Chee ah?
Ya, Mochi.
Muah Chee.
Isn’t this mush Chee?
So as you can see it it have like a really really cute graphic down here. Cube. Cube
Oh it looks like caramel.
oh it’s chocolate. it’s chocolate and then ohh! Ohh!
It’s really. There’s really mochi inside but it’s not white but it looks really jelly like.
It taste like peanut!
It doesn’t taste like chocolate at all.
Taste more like peanut.
It’s like peanut coating the whole thing here.
Hmmp. So. So
So sweet.
I like peanut.
Inside got the jelly jelly. You know.
I like mochi.
Muah chee.
I didn’t expect it to taste like peanut.
I thought it’s just like the mochi part.
Do you really taste the chocolate part?
I think I only taste the chocolate part when it melts on your hand so it’s everywhere.
I think it”s not too bad. I would buy it again.
Better than the just now that oreos.
I think it’s more like chocolate peanut. So for my very hyped up package. I would prolly buy it again because I like peanut, I like chocolate. I like mochi. It doesn’t taste like really like chocolate except for the melty part.but it does taste like peanut which is a nice surprise.
How much is it?
I forgot.
Refer to IreviewUread.
I will put down all the original prices below so yeah.
So as of now, what you know is every item you taste here is $3.33.
Three three three
Ya la, you buy the bag, you save alot money la..
Next I have been wanting to try this too. But I think he will hate it.
So this is Kameda Rice Cracker Yuzu Pepper. As mentioned in my previous video, I see lemon, I see green chilli and I see Wasbi!
I hate Wasabi!
So let’s go and try.
I’m dreading this.
So there’s 6 packets inside.
I think we, we open one first. It’s enough .. if we open one packet.
I would probably only take one bite.
This is quite a big packet if I must say. There looks. There’s peanuts and other orange stuff in it.
Wah! Hahaha
What the hell..
It doesn’t smell like wasabi. It just smells like a mix of confusing things.
Smell is unpleasant.
E, Oh! I can taste the lemon. I can taste the sourness of the lemon.
It’s not that bad actually.
I’m a wasabi hater.
But it doesn’t
so it doesn’t
I can’t really taste the wasabi
I taste lemon.
Ya, this one you bring home.
I think it taste more of lemon and then there’s like a little pepper taste? Hey there’s a peanut, you never try the peanut.
Wah the peanut doesn’t seemed to be coated in anything aside from peanut.
I think the peanut taste better.
I think it’s more of lemony taste, Ya I can’t really taste the wasabi.
Do You taste the wasabi?
So why do you hate it?
Cause I see wasabi, I very turn off.
OK what if I tell that is not wasabi, that is actually green tea.
My whole life has been a lie!
So would you buy it again?
Probably not.
I probably would.I mean I”m digging the lemon sourness flavour but I’m sad that there’s no wasabi taste. Because I like wasabi.
I’m glad there’s no wasabi taste.
Next, we’re going to try…
You shall choose,
This one
Ikan Bilis! Hahaha
Or shall I say, Anchovies.
So this is called Fujisawa Almond Dried Fish.
And it looks like anchovies. There’s 7 packets of anchovies with almond inside.
You need a scissors?
Oh never mind.
I am the scissors.
Hen hao
So it comes like a line.
On the anchovies I did see some sesame seeds on it, I wonder if it’s like coated with..
Ikan Bilis.
Ikan Bilis.
So this anchovies are from Japan while the almonds are from the states.
Oh, oh my god.
There’s seasame seeds on it.
It does smell like dried fish
And it does look more fanciful than like Singapore Ikan Bilis.
Just your normal Ikan Bilis.
Is it coated with anything?
I think it’s coated. It’s coated with something. Something sweet.
Here are the sliced almond from the states.
It taste more richer than then normal almond, do you think?
Yah, just normal almond.
Do you like it?
Not too bad.
What if this is in like the local dish?
What f this is in Nasi Lemak.
I wouldn’t mind. I probably eat it.
I would prefer this over than like the normal one.
Is the normal one even coated with sauce or anything?
The normal one is just normal one lor. Like they put it in and fry it.
So this is addictive. Oh my god. I didn’t expect it to be that addictive since I’m not really a fan of anchovies.
I guess it’s the sweetness of it which make it so addictive.
Ok ok enough enough. Hahaha.
Would you buy it again? I would. I would buy it again too!
Next, I guess we shall try the bigger packet. So this is the bigger packet which I saw first in the fukubukuro.
And it’s called Sanritu Pie.
So on the pie I see dried grapes which is also known as raisins and it looks very puffed up. So I think it would be flaky and there’s like erm sugar on it.
Ah! Haha
You are the scissors, I forgot.
So there’s 13 packets of this on it.
Do you smell anything? I don’t know, I keep smelling the vanilla flavour. Maybe it’s just now from the vanilla flavour until now.
No, I don’t smell anything.
I like how the package is so sleek.
Hmmp, it smell really sweet and he just dive right in.
I think you can break it. Oh, you can break it into half.
I didn’t expect it to be not sweet.
Oh, I love the raisins.
I expected it to be sweeter since.
This is just nice not too sweet not too bland.
Look like So Da Pia
What is So Da Pia?
You know the tin biscuit. The square one.
Ah, never mind. Would you buy this?
Surprisingly it’s not really sweet. So I’m digging it.
It’s not too sweet and not too bland. Just nice.
It’s a nice snack. A quality nice snack.
We’re on to the last packet of the fukubukuro. And the last packet is..
deng deng deng deng deng deng
So what I noticed about the cola is there’s this weird english words.
Would you like to read it?
Enjoy the delicious cola taste gummi with bouncy texture. We will be more than happy if you become a happy feeling.
Japanese english is a bit kooky. They make weird, cute stuff.
I don’t care, as long as it taste good.
They write tamil also never mind.
This is so cute! It’s a little coke!
Oh it does smell like coke.It’s abit hard. It’s harder than normal gummy flavour.
Wah the coke taste quite strong. Not bad I feel like I’m drinking coke. Biting coke. Jelly coke.
But it’s so hard. oh my god.
I would say it is quite addictive. It doesn’t taste like any other coke products which I’ve tried. It’s more flavourful. Really nice.
Not bad, I would buy it again. How about you? Ya, I would probably buy it again. If I’m craving for coke and gummy at the same time.
But most probably I would just buy a coca cola again.
So that”s it for IreviewUread’s Iroha Mart fukubukuro taste test! So overall how do you think about the bag?
Overall, good, nice and cheap.
But would you buy the bag. This bag?
I would buy it.
Do remember to like, subscribe and comment on the video. And if you have not watched my previous video on my fukubukuro opening on all these snacks, do watch it over in the description box or I would put it here.
Thank you watching this video and I do hope you like it. I will see you in the next video. Bye!!
Not so nice snack? Hahahahaha? What…


DIY Dyed my hair purple! | Etude House Two tone Treatment Hair Color, Mystery Purple Review

Welcome to IreviewUread Beauty! And today we’re going to test out, Hair Dyes! And more specifically, this Etude house two tone treatment colour. So initially I wanted to get blue because I have never dyed blue before in my life but I guess I’m just a purple person. Plus blue will turn into green and I don’t want to look like a Christmas Tree.some how I just went in the shop and got purple instead! I guess purple it is for now maybe in the future I will dye blue? Apparently, my pink hair have faded, faded into this bleach. You can see orangey and you can see like the pinks inside. It looks very butterfly-e if you see it from here. Look! It looks so butterfly-e! So I’m trying to like dye …. purple! Since… I like purple. Obviously. This is the colour, mystery purple. and it’s a treatment and hair colour so it’s not as harsh as a hair colour. And all you need to do is just leave it on for five to ten minutes and rinse it off. It’s more like an instant dye and it will last for about two weeks or depending on the amount of time you wash your hair. Now have a scent. It smelled very very berry-like. So now I’m going to go prep up. I’m going to do this is 3 parts, so the bottom part is the pink part which I’m not going to touch on a lot just maybe the tips or a few highlights here and there or something. and then there’s the top part and the back part. I have squeezed half or almost half a bottle on this. It’s easier to stick up the dye on a tray rather than to keep squeezing and causing a mess everywhere. Not quite sure how I am going to do this on camera because this is such a mess. I’m just gonna do it off camera I guess. I will see you when, I’m done.

I changed the area because my house get ridiculous noisy as the hours pass and many hours have passed since I tried the hair dye. So far it really did turn purple, it’s more like a reddish purple. As seen from this picture, you can see that there’s tone of red and then there’s another tone of purple. I rather like this reddish purple because its like really what I like, instead of like Barney the dinosaur kind of purple. It took Really really long for the color to run through and for the water to become clear. Which is what I I question like why does it take so long? But so far my hair did feel like quite smooth and soft but it does feel also kind of like tacky, patchy that kind of feel. And I realised that, dyeing your hair by your own is really difficult because you can’t really see the back, you can’t touch the back. I’m sure some part is red because maybe I didn’t touch it enough. But I am rather happy with my current colour. Oh! I colored it on dry hair because dry hair take in the colour more than wet hair. So, although the instructions said, rinse your hair first. I did. Kind of. Yesterday. But. Yeah, dry hair take in more colour than wet hair. This is after, this is with the bleach. So it’s so really, really bright. And I’m digging it. I am digging it. Overall, I do like the berry fragrance it have but I’m not very fond of It’s long run through time. It took me like 30 minutes to run through the colour. And I’m sure right now if I I go under water now, the water is going to turn red or purple. The tube is about  like $15.90. For a $16 tube with only the colour without any like glove or mixing thing. I  had to get my own tray because it’s alot easier than squeezing it from the tube. Would I recommend this? the color. Because there’s limited amount of color which you can buy in Singapore. Unless you get like a manic . Ma-nick. Meh-nick bottle. which I mean works the same way and it’s a lot brighter but I mean this is a treatment so it’s kind of like  better for you hair and it does feel soft. Thank you for watching IreviewUread Beauty and that is my review, my first hair dye review. Interestingly. I guess there’s a lot of background noises, right now because I live next to a playground and it’s so noisy. I better sign off here. Do like subscribe and comment, and I’ll see you in the next video, Bye!! Imma Tree!!


My first Japanese Snack Fukubukuro from Singapore! | Unboxing Iroha Mart Lucky Bag 2018

Welcome to IreviewUread and today we’re going to be unboxing this Fukuburo! So what is a Fukuburo? A Fukuburo is also known as a lucky bag, a mystery bag , a blind bag, A fortune bag. It’s just like bag of stuff with marked down prices because it’s the new year and such. So Fukuburo is very popular in Japan, and it’s not really popular in Singapore so it took me awhile to find one which is within my budget and I actually enjoy. Like food! Who doesn’t enjoy food? So this Fukuburo I got it from Iroha Mart and Iroha Mart is a Japanese food store located at Plaza Sing. And they sell snacks, confectionery and yeah. So this Fukuburo cost $30 and inside it have products worth of $40 to $50. So this is quite a big bag. There’s different items in the bags so I took the heaviest one. This bag weighs about 1KG plus. And right the bottom it feels cold. I would guess that there’s either Jelly, Rice, sauce, maybe pancake batter now that I think of it. Oh and if you’re wondering why am I in my glasses with no makeup and the camera quality is significantly lower than my normal camera quality. And I have no makeup on with my glasses is because I just went for a CO2 laser a few days ago and that video will be out a few months later or, or soon, hopefully soon! I will do a blog post on that so, that will be linked down below! when it’s up. Time to open this… lucky bag! I am totally nuts about lucky bag and Singapore having lucky bag sales at prolly at the end of January kills me. It’s like everyone in Japan queue up and get this lucky bag on the first day of January. And the first day of January for us is… Nothing. I’m sad. But I’m really happy I finally got oneeeee *sobs* This is getting so dramatic.

OK let’s let’s open. So I’ll be opening like a small, small, area. So that I can just like pull out the items (not lucky bag) the stuff in the bag. Ouch! I should take out my staple bullets before I hurt myself. So I will be writing down the original prices of all these if I can find at the side of this. First item I feel is a box! Oh! So this is a Crispy Choco box in Cisco Corn Flake Kinako. Oh this is interesting! Now next item is… Oh it’s a smaller packet. Oh Chocolate! Oh, My God!! This is a Mochi chocollute…Chocolate Tiroi Chocolate Kinako Mochi . Kinako Mochi. This is so cool, I have never tried this before. And there’s like a 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7. 7 pieces of mochi in it. Normally I don’t buy Japanese snacks because they are expensive. Japanese things in Singapore is expensive. And I love them. All these their expiry dates are like at the end of this year. Yea, at the end of this year. But, it’s fine. It’s fine.

Next, I’m pulling out a bigger bag of things. What’s this? I see wasabi, I see Chilli and I see lemon. Oh! It’s a Kameda Rice Cracker Yuzu Pepper. Interesting, I think this is a peanut. Oh there’s like, there’s 6 packets in it and it’s peanut with all of these flavours. It’s both sour and sweet at the same time. Interesting,  In.teres.ting. Oh, this expiry is in next month. Oh dear, better give it out to everyone so that they can suffer with me! And next, I am pulling out a bigger one that I have been wondering. Ohh! This is cool! It’s a grape, Jelly thing. It writes Sanritu Pie. That’s it Sanritu Pie. It’s a Heike pie. Sanritu Pie (Heike). So it’s a cracker with grapes on it. As you can see here there’s like grapes (raisins) on it. Really interesting. Next,  Oh I feel something cold. Oh, what’s this? Oh Coca Cola! So Colca Cola Gummy, It’s a 100 grams Coca Cola Gummi. I like how there’s also a zip lock at the top so you can reseal it. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. So what’s the expiry date? So this is expiring in June. Next. Oh! This is water because this is the heaviest thing. Ohhhh my god! Oh my god what is this? It is totally not a pancake batter or anything which we guessed. Oh, Oh. Oh! Marusan Kim Chi Soup for Hot Pot. I’m really happy that I actually got a confectionery stuff instead of just all of the snacks but this is really cool but I don’t really eat Kim chi. but we can try. Now it is expiring on, May. On April. April. of next year, we can keep this! It is so heavy.

Next! What is this? What’s this? Looks like some fried Ikan Billis with some Peanuts. Called Fujisawa Almond Dried Fish. So there’s like… There’s 10 in it. There’s 10 packets in it. So this goes really well with like normal savoury food, I mean this Kim Chi pot thing. Does it? Does it really? But it looks really nice. I like this ninja boy on it. Ninja Boy! Oh I think we’re coming down to the last few packets. OK, I feel a bottle some thing, I’m going to pull that up. Ohhh! Wagyu beef sauce. Ooo. What is this called? BBQ Sauce Mild (Kikkoman) Oh! I can that there is sesame right at the bottom of the BBQ sauce. Cool. Cool. Expiring… in 2 months. What’s this open? There write open. It says open here. So I shall open it. It’s all in Japanese. Oh well! So we’re down to the last packet. Oh Oreo! Oreo? World Sweets.  Coco Biscuits. Shizenmi Cocoa Biscuits. expiring in July. So that’s all, that’s all for the bag. So overall for $30 we have.. a.. errrr!! We have 9 items for $30. So make each item… There is no calculator here! It make each item $3.33. So I feel that its quite worth it since each item is $3.33. And I am very very very sure that this do not cost $3.33. The item that I am most eager to try is this mochi thing!I really love mochi and this is a mochi in a cube. A mochi cube. Who would have thought of that! I’m really really happy with this haul. All of the items here I have never tried before because Japanese stuff in Singapore is expensive. Thank you for watching IreviewUread Fukubukuro opening. This is my very first fukubukuro and I am so excited to get all of this food! Let’s all get fat together! and I hope that you like this video too. I will be trying some of this out in my.. one of my videos. Do remember to like comment and subscribe. And I will see you in the next video. Bye!! Fukubukuro!

I DYED MY HAIR OMBRE PINK! | We explore C3AFA SG 2017 | I Vlog U watch #7

I DYED MY HAIR OMBRE PINK! | We explore C3AFA SG 2017 | I Vlog U watch #7

Welcome to I Vlog U Watch 7! Today I’m going to turn my hair pink! So right now my hair is brown? Reddish brown. I just redyed it, prior to my graduation. And it was supposed to be pink. I used a pink dye. But it became brown instead. So right now it’s brown. Straight. Black. Dark Brown. And today we’re going to turn it. Pink.

I’ve reached. Oops I totally forgot to vlog so the next few clips are taken from my Instagram story. Before my hair transform, here’s a walkthrough of the salon on my Instagram story. Here’s the counter, here are the seats, more seats. And that’s where you wash your hair. On the counter there’s this really cute house built by the person there and there’s a terrarium! Finally I sat down and they can finally dye, bleach and colour my hair.. And here’s the result!

So, that’s my hair. It’s pink and on top is supposed to be like dark violet? Honestly it looks really really black. But looks very well with this like pastel pink. I bleached twice for this colour. And it looks good. I mean pink. My friend said it reminds me when I dye my hair red and when I have bangs. Thank god I do not have bangs. Now I can just flip my hair around. Flip. Flip.

Now we’re going to how the boyfriend is going to react to this hair. Eh, you videoing ah? So how is it? Hen hao (Good). On another note, I saw this. I didn’t know this is in Singapore too.

And we are back. So now I’m going for another event. This is my outfit, this necklace. And Pants. Yeah. See you there!
Hello! Welcome back. So yesterday I totally forgot about the need to vlog the event. So I just happily didn’t vlog. But you can see my Instagram story compilation over here.

And now today, we, I just did a photoshoot for the some of the things for a campaign. Photoshoot by that I mean photoshoot of myself? The photographer is me, editor is me, director is me. You know that kind of movie where you self produce. So yeah. So now right now I have sugar all over my floor. Because the photoshoot is a DIY lip scrub. And they gave like a test tube of sugar. Look. So now I have to clean up my room. And I get this cute bottle! Do you have any ideas on how should I fill this? I only really want the bottle because the bottle is so cute. Oh and here are some of the images this is one of the images which I’ve taken. And then there’s like a crazy one with the other bloggers over here. I look insane just like I always do. So now I’m going to edit the video. The Instagram video which I’ve taken just now. Anddd wash up. Because I like to post the video today so I have like 3 hours to do everything. Including the long caption. So I’ll see you tomorrow!

Next, we head off to C3 AFA. So now we’re at AFA and there’s like alot of Otakus and cosplayers everywhere there’s alot of people. There’s so many people! So how’s your experience so far? Alot of people 😦 There’s also a lot of things interestingly. I got a hat. It’s a dog!

Now we’re going towards the food. Smells so nice! Love sauce? So we got Omurice and fried chicken with love sauce. We’re going to start with the Omurice first. *Noisy eating sounds* How is it? Ok lor. What?! *Proceeds to flip table* Tomato. It doesn’t taste like omu.. It taste like just rice with egg. with like omelette. That’s all. It’s not like the one which I expect. Like very suacy that kind. This is the chicken with love sauce. This is the chicken with love sauce. See! So the love sauce is this pink colour thing. It’s still rather warm. I think the love sauce is rather sweet. So how’s the love sauce? Chicken with love sauce. Better than the omelette rice. The love sauce is sweet. I have no idea what sauce is it but it’s sweet. (I can taste beetroot and caramelised onions) Now we wash them down with this Suzuke Spring Blue Sky Ramune. What’s unique about this is when you open the glass ball inside will drop!

Can you see the ice? <- What? There you see the ball! How is it? *Noisy lip smacking sound* Taste normal. *Proceeds to flip table*I think it taste abit like… Mediciney? Like got abit like mint mint medicine that kind.

You look tired. You’re like getting tired. Yes. *Proceeds to laugh at his agony* I think these are like the lucky chance thing. Now we’re queueing to get some purchases. Why are you hiding behind me? Why are you hiding behind my red hair? Now we’re resting. Well, he’s dead. Okay. Just now we bought some things. Ok we went to This thing. everyone have to take a basket so it’s like so squeesy. but…yeah! some merchandise. Finally! Gachapon open! It’s a clip! Now opening the other one. Opening a Gachapon. I can’t open. No it’s not the same one. This is like the Pikachu behind. By they are both clips. We’re at the creators hub. There’s so many things here.

And I am home. So now I’m going to present to you my loot, haul. Or something along that line. Most of what I have is free. Like all these posters. It comes with the purchase. It’s like purchase. Gift with purchase. Even this little tea cup. There’s domo stuff, there’s even a Pikachu one. Look at our photos. The photographer was like this is actually a great shot. So at the creators hub they even give free sticker and a bookmark. From the character in which she have in her novel. Do follow her! I like her name card so much. OMG. If my name card runs out I’m going to get some inspiration here. There’s a badge. And there’s even a file. This as you saw in the picture is a hat! Now for all of you anime lovers, there’s a game within the app store and google play. I didn’t know paper bags need money. But Yeah. And this, this is for my friend. And of course my favourite, K-On!! Stuff. Memo pad. Mouse pad. This is what the mouse pad is like. Ho-Kago tea Time! Or as they said, K-on!! I’m going to paste it on my wall. I know, who pastes mouse pad on their wall. Me. Apparently I do. So this is the note pad. It’s so cute. It’s like every few pages it’s different. There’s Yui, There’s Mio, Azusa -chan. Ohh Ritsu and Mugi-chan. And Yup! That’s all but it’s so cute. I love this picture so much. And I’m sure after this, Azusa would have a sun burn.

And some of these ezlink card thingys. Obviously, I’m going to use them. I’m just going to paste them on my wall because that’s who I am. You know when I heard when people say that K-on!! Is dead. Now I know it’s dead. I mean there’s a manga and it’s dead because they didn’t like continue it. It’s just sad to hear people say K-on!! Is dead. But the whole story is just so nice. And they’re so cute. I’ve re-watched it so many times. So it’s like….

Anyways, continue my loot. So there’s even a free tissue. This is so cute, I like the chibi characters on it. Like I said there’s a file and there’s a stamp! I didn’t have anywhere to stamp so I just stamp it on this random receipt. And this is my pile of phamlets. They gave out so many phamlets. Oh! There’s even like free trails of comics. And a fan over here. Fan. Fan. Woot! Something flew over. And so, Oh Yah! There’s even this autograph thing. And this is my loot!

So it’s been a long day, and I guess I’m going to end vlog number 7 here. Vlog number 7 where I have pink hair. Pink ombre hair. Anyways do remember to like, subscribe and comment. And do remember to head down to my description box. To just see any other details I like to put in after I vlog this. Because I always tend to like forget about details after that. So do remember to like, subscribe and comment and do head over and watch  my previous vlogs if you have not. Or my previous videos! See you!

TOO MUCH EVENTS IN SINGAPORE! | I Vlog U Watch 5 & 6 | Extended Vlog

Do head over to the video to check out the content page and over to to read the blogpost and happenings behind the video.


I think I’m having a little bit of an Adam’s family vibe over here. Black hair, black clothes..

Don’t you think?

*Intro Music*

Welcome to I Vlog U Watch 5! Or 6

In this Vlog, we’re going to depict Singapore’s Birthday. In Singapore you have to actually bid to go to the National Day Parade and watch the live show. So this year I managed to bid and me and my friends went to the National day parade. Let me show you where are we.

Finding myself in the whole NDP is kind of difficult and kind of easy because. FOUND ME! Yes, exactly why is my head chopped off. I don’t understand.

Even from that small little corner, right at the corner at the side of this whole floating platform, we still managed to watch the National Day Parade. So here is what is the National Day Parade about.

*Sound from National Day Parade*

Welcome back! And Now, we’re going to talk about Fort Siloso. Do you know that Fort Siloso and Fort Canning is 2 different places? I did not know that until today. Basically a museum? A museum of some sort. Ok you can just watch it now. A museum underground.

*Bug Sound*

So we’re at Fort Siloso today. *Bug Sound* *Fast Forward Sound* It’s a museum! Oh god. *Walking down the stairs sound* Ohhhh. Oh where you want to go? Come on let’s go here. *Sounds from the environment*You can see some really cool things underground, like this. *Sounds from the environment*I think we will get lost here. *Sounds from the environment**Fast Forward Noise* *Bug Sound*

Ehhh!!! *Bug sound* Oh my god got light one sia! Ahhh! * More Sounds*

Aside from Fort Silso, here are some mandatory Sentosa shots where I see ba….

So we’re passing through RWS and you can see a lot of balloons, bouncy house, should I said. *Noise*

…llooons Aside from that, here’s the lion dance which I saw during the party poppers event. You can read my Party Popper launch experience on Ireviewuread dot com as linked above or in the description box below. *Sound from the Event* Wahhhh, Smile!

Mexican Ship. How many of you remember the Mexican ship which is parked at Vivo? Well I do because I went on that Mexican Ship! It’s so cool! It’s literally like a pirate ship.

*Music* *Sounds from the Mexican ship*

Oh my god! They’re standing on ropes. Are they going to pull that out? Pull open the thing? No? I don’t know.. *Sound from the ship*

Oh and you guys remember that instant Ma la craze? Well… I kind of got on board and here is what happened.

So now we’re trying this instant ma la huo guo. There’s instructions here. Ya. And this is the sauce. There’s even chopsticks provided and sausage? Ok? There’s the oil over there. There’s even an egg. This is the erm noodles and or whatever this is. No this is vegetable. Oh my god. And this is erm…. What is this ah? Don’t know. Ok this is don’t know. And that this is the thing which kinds of heat up this whole thing. Ya, heating pack. So this is the sauce.

After we add the sauce, we have to add like one over third of water.

Next, we’re going to put this something fen bao. While after we stir finish this. It looks like this. Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng…. Why so many? Haha

Now we’re going to put this. Nah. Inside got different liao one. Ya. There’s a distinct Ma La smell. Potato? Ya. Potato! Look at all these vegetables. Now the egg. Is that even an egg? Quail egg. Well, the quail egg does not look round anymore. And the sausage! Sausageee. Do we like need to cut this? A, I don’t know. *Psst* So now we have to wait for 15 minutes. You can see smoke Oh my god. So red!

Trying out appliances in my house. Trying out new recipes in my house. I didn’t know that that that could be so fun. But here is it.

So today we’re going to blend some thing. So inside here is a some strawberries, ice cubes and water. So what we’re trying to do is like a fruit smoothie, rainbow thing in this light bulb. After all, it costs like a bomb to buy a fruit smoothie in a small little tiny light bulb. So might as well we make ourselves right? *Blending and Fast forwarding sound*

The bottom is a little bit diluted like ish. But the top look nice. But I mean if I cut it like that, maybe I use my hand, cover it like that. It looks damn nice right? Now for the taste test.

Now we’re going to make popsicle. This is mango and milk. It’s more like a thai mango rice popsicle without the rice. *Blender sound* Time to add into the popsicle bowl. *Sounds and music* Now it shall freeze for 24 hours.

*Pokemon Victory sound*

Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng


This one only level one hor. Totallly got how many level. I don’t know but there seemed to be like a lot. Huh? Huh.

So we’re at erm Singapore American School. Let’s explore the place first


We’re just sitting down here waiting for god knows what. Maybe until our stomach get hungry and get some food. I don’t know what is happening over here. While I have one expression and he’s down there practising his face. Ah practise some more practise somemore. Ah, very good. So there’s like a bouncy castle, carnival games and people talking about something. So yah, fun

We got corn dog and beef chilli cheese fries. *Fireworks & Laser show* Ice cream!

*music* I didn’t know you can dance *music*

Hello! Now, we’re heading to museum hopping in Singapore. So the first museum I head off is to Asian civilisation museum. A Korean Exhibition.  Didn’t really take a video of the exhibition because I didn’t expected to vlog that day. So this is the amazing lion? Monster? Dance in front of the Asian civilisation museum. *Music*

Next, I head off to National Gallery Singapore which is right next to Asian Civilisation museum. And they have this amazing exhibition where literally everyone in Instagram is posting about it. You think your life is confusing and then you see the exhibition, nothing is confusing any more because it’s both confusing and amazing at the same time. There’s mirrors, there’s dots and there’s a lot of lights. Mirrors, dots and lights. It’s just Instagram worthy that’s what I can say.


What is you just walk? Ohhhh. Let’s go here. There’s a mirror. Got mirror. Why got random mirror.

Like you from outside see not scary one. Ya. Oh you see this one. Wah, slant one side. Quite nice ah? Ya lo.

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*Music* Happy Birthday!