Couple Photoshoot Behind the scenes + Review😀| Click Clique Studios Photography Services Singapore Subtitles

Welcome to IreviewUread and today we’re going to talk about my experience with Click Clique Studios.
So Click Clique Studios is a local photography company which just launched last year.
And I am one of the lucky people which managed to experience their photography services
And now I’m here to present the experience with you!
So personally, I do not go to photoshoots and the most official photoshoot I have is probably right here, right in front of the camera.
And so…
When I got this opportunity to try out their photoshoot with Click Clique Studios, I was ecstatic!
Plus, it was a couple photoshoot so… Anniversary Gift covered
I really like about this photoshoot is how the photographer interact with us. Even beforehand, the photographer even liaise with us and give us suggestions on what to wear.
It was really nice for them to do that. On top of that, they even gave us like, choices of places such as Horpark, Botanic Gardens, etc. etc.
Eventually, we just chose botanic Gardens because…
I don’t know.
We just chose Botanic Gardens.
because it’s a UNESCO site.
You know, a UNESCO, heritage site.
Although it’s supposed to be a 90 minutes shoot, bbut the entire shoot actually last like over 2 hours.. or even more because
I remember seeing the sun being up while I was at Botanic Gardens and when we ended, the sky was dark. We took so many photos and we took so long.
So that’s, great because we actually got like out time for our money.
I like how the photographer gave us tips on how to pose, because we’re just really awkward in front of the camera. Despite me being in front of the camera all the time, I’m actually really awkward if someone else takes a photo of me.
He even brought his own props. As seen in this picture, the rainbow umbrella is not ours, it’s his! It’s so cute!
The photographer actually gave us some tips and hints and he even ask us like what kind of pose we want, where we want to do it and input our suggestions. He even made some small talk to make us feel more comfortable during the shoot so that we are more
Now presenting the photos which we took. So instead of the 5 best photos they gave us all of the best photos.
It’s so amazing. All of them look fabulous!
So, here are the photos which they took for us.
Queuing photos!
So for the couple package, it’s 90 minutes and you can choose between studio or outdoor shoot. Unlimited shots and you will get 5 JPEG high quality photos of your best shots from all of the unlimited shots.
On top of that, you get posing tips from the photographer.
And the photographers are all so friendly so you just feel like home.
Plus, you also get a canvas print, a 45cm by 30cm canvas print. So amazing!
You can also upgrade the couple canvas print to a family size canvas print.
Besides couple shoots, they also do solo shoot, family shoot, graduation shoot and so many other shoots.
You can see more details on their photoshoot on their website as linked in the description box below and you can follow them on their social media, their instagram, their facebook. All of everything is linked in the description box below.
You can read a textual version of this review on ireviewuread (dot) com
Anyways, thank you to Click Clique Studios for my amazing couple photos and thank you to you for watching this video.
Psst. If you head over to Ireviewuread (dot) com, you can get a discount code for Click Clique studios photography packages.
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Unboxing my #AltheaTurns2 shopping haul! | IreviewUread Beauty transcript


Welcome to IreviewUread Beauty and today we’re going to do a Althea unboxing haul. A Althea turns 2 unboxing haul. Birthdays are a big milestone and in Althea they celebrate it by having giveaways and freebies for everyone! Freebies? Did I say freebies? Yes! In my unboxing video, I feature many freebies which I got from Althea just because it’s their birthday month! I will also feature, birthday set, birthday DIY set, their freebies and of course, my haul. Which actually only contains six items but the amount of freebies is amazing! Plus it comes in a limited edition packaging. *Deng Deng Deng…* Look it’s a birthday cake! It goes all around! What kind of cake do you think this is? I think it’s a vanilla. Definitely vanilla. Plus it have this pretty pink packaging which looks like this. Look at all these patterns! Initially it was also a pink packaging but it do not have so much pattern. The patterns are so amazing! So cute! This limited edition box is only available during their second birthday! Now I shall turn the camera around so that we can unbox together ! And Zap!

Now let’s open it. Wow! There’s a lot of things in which I didn’t order here. Over here you can see this is a Neco punch point pads. I believe that this is a mask. Oh this is so cute! I believe that this is a mask which targets certain point of your face. It’s in a Jasmine flavour.

And also this. What is this? I certainly did not order this. This is such a huge sample pack! Let’s open it up! Oh! So we have some white effect oled cream, more of this. More nourishing cream. I wonder what they are used for. Oh it’s in Korean I’ll have to decipher this online. So there’s two kinds of creams over here. Wow! They are so generous. And now this. Oh! I think this is a pack of mask! Oh even, look at this, look at this. Even this is curly. It’s just so cute! Ok erm, I’m trying not to mess up the curly part. I like how everything is gift packed. Oh it’s mattee. Oh wow! I like all of this. Ohhh. These are so cool OMG! Oh wow! Pig collagen. That’s cool! I didn’t bought this, so this is another gift. Wow! I didn’t know pig have collagen. So Cool!

Now next. Next is the items I bought. I bought like a lattee and americano mask because I’ve never seen it before and coffee mask sounds amazing. So I will be trying this. Like americano verus lattee review. Next is this! I read the review online and it seems good. It’s a night mask. Choosy night lip night. Choosy night lip pack. UH Huh! Bergamot? I can’t pronounce it. But yeah! That’s what I ordered.

What’s this? Ohh brand gift day! Oh wow! There’s only 2 inside but this is also another gift from them. That’s cool! That’s so cool! They are giving so much things on their birthday. It’s like aren’t you expecting people to give thing on your birthday. Instead they are the one giving things. So this is a vitamin E pure smile mask and this is a milk mask. Cool! This is so nice.

What’s this? I think I ordered this. So, this is a toner in which I ordered. Oh! I expected it to be bigger but yeah. And this is in the scent lavender. Now before we get to the bottom, let’s clear the top part. Kay so what’s this? What’s this? I can’t open it. Ok. Ohh! I used this before. This is like also a free gift from them. I used this before. Yup, I used this before and I have a review on it on ireviewuread. Oh it’s not for sale. Ha. That’s so nice. This is quite expensive on their website too! And the next thing is, this! Oh I wanted to get this too. So this is a mask. I think it’s a dragon fruit mask. It’s called half fruit eye. Half moon eye. Ohhh! I’m so excited!

And here are more of the stuff in which I got it seems that most of this box contains the stuff I did not get. I mean contains gifts. Yeah! So I got this like very cool wine therapy soothing mask. So this is a wine soothing sleeping mask. And it’s so cool because. Let’s me show you. *struggles* It’s so cool because it’ in a wine barrel! Look at it, it’s so awesome! So awesome! I just love the whole packaging of it. I just so attracted to the packaging of things sometimes. I just buy them without knowing what are they for. And this. What is this? I kind of forget what I get . Oh it’s the perfect moisture cream in which I got. It’s basically a moisturiser. Ohhhhh, Moisturiser! So yah. Now we’re off to the bottom of the box. There seemed to be a lot of goodies at the bottom of the box. So let’s put all of this aside. Look it must be from the moisturiser. Oopsy!

Oh Wow! Hey this is so cool! But I think is it mix up. Yeah its  so cool! Cake bunting set. Oh wow! Hey! Oh! Is this stuck. Oh it’s stuck. I thought this is from the cake bunting set. Hey! There’s even like a 10 percent off code. So cool!

Hip Hip Hoorah! It’s our birthday and we couldn’t have made it without you! Thank you for the love. Here’s a birthday cake surprise from us! Customise it with your creative ideas and post it on Instagram with hashtag altheaturns2 to stand to win fabulous prises from us!

Oh I think, Oh I got. This is the rainbow one. Oh there’s even like little thing inside. That’s so cool! They’re tempting me to make a cake right now! OMG! That’s so nice. And at the bottom is, What’s this? What’s this? Oh wow! Oh this is two! Took me awhile to realise that this is the letter 2. Ok. And these are more decorations. Oh wow! Create your birthday box and customise it with your unique style. Haha, interesting. So I’m supposed to decorate this box! Oh that’s so cool. Wow! And bubble wrap. But aside from all of this decorations, I love this the best because it’s so colourful. I am so impressed by so much freebies they given like. Let me just take all the freebies. This is one set, 2 mask. This is another mask. And another mask. A pile of mask. A pile of cream. More mask. A eye cream. It’s like most of it is a gift. And basically this is what I got. I pretty much only buy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6. So I bought like pretty much. Even lesser than what they give me. It’s so cool. They are so generous omg. So I’m going to decorate this birthday cake and we will be right back.

Zap! And we are back to the future. This is my decorated box! Look at it. It’s still so cute. With this amazing 2 on top! Remember at the start when I said they have many giveaways and freebies during their birthday? Well, you could get all these goodies as well!

All you have to do is head over to and start shopping. What’s so unique about shopping  this time would be their birthday sales! Plus the first 5000 customers get to have their limited edition birthday sets.

Aside from that, you can see multiple giveaways such as the Fly me to Korea for 2 contest, shop & win contest and 20 days of giveaway on Instagram and so much more. It’s so exciting I’m going to explode! You can read more details on these giveaways on as linked in the description box below. Psst. Don’t forget to take a photo of your hauls and hashtag Altheaturns2 and AltheaKorea on your purchases to be featured by them and win some prizes!

And that’s all for today’s #Altheaturns2 unboxing video! You can read more details of my haul and more reviews on these products in which I bought, previous products and previous Althea boxes on IreviewUread (dot) com as linked in the description box below or prolyl here . This is Shi hui signing out and I hope you like, share, comment and subscribe! One last thing : Happy Birthday Althea!

Cathy Doll’s Shocking Black Liner Video Subtitles

Welcome to IreviewUread Beauty! Today we’re going to review Cathy Doll’s Shocking Black Liner.

Just look at the ninja like packaging. You know it’s gonna be good.

Anyways, Cathy Doll’s Shocking Black Liner is formulated with tank type, direct filling technology which makes it easy to use, glidable, long lasting, extremely pigmented, waterproof, smudgeproof and allows you to draw thin lines

As you can see the packaging is really sleek with minimal wordings on a plain black background.

It have a thin brush pen tip which makes eyelinering so much easier. You can create different thickness of lines just by turning the brush

After it dries it’s smudge proof and waterproof

Although I did not test out the water part in the video, I did test it out behind the scenes

Oh do remember to shake it first because that’s how the technology works.

Now let’s test it out on my eyelids!

Offh, you’re so close. We’re so close. Does it makes us friends now?

A trick I learned over the years is to use any cardboard or straight things as a ruler for your extended line. Just look at this, Amazing!

Now for the other eye!

And we’re back with our liners all done! There’s just something so satisfying about perfect makeup. This is one of those moments.

As you can see the products goes on quite evenly and mattee.

Next we’re going to go embrace Singapore’s hot and humid weather for a few hours and put these liners to the test

A few hours later.

Presenting my oily face! Most of the liner seems quite intact. Only the inner corners of the eyes were rubbed off. It seems that the part which are not ‘soaked’ in oil doesn’t smudge despite the rubbing.

And we’re back to the present! Now that I’ve put Cathy Doll’s Shocking Black Liner to the test here are the verdicts

I feel that the eyeliner did meet its claims of being easy to use, smooth, able to produce thin lines, waterproof and mostly smudge proof. It is also long lasting with an intense black colour. However, I find that it is not as oil proof for the inner corner of my eyes did smudged off a little.

In conclusion, Cathy Doll’s Shocking Black Liner is a great ‘go to’ eyeliner for everyone.

With that, we at the end of the video! You can read my blog which features this review as per linked in the description box below.

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Vlog 3 Subs

Hi! Welcome to I Vlog U watch and today we’re going to try something new with the vlog for I am going to narrate it!  I can’t find any better way to say this but yeah. I’m actually really proud of myself for doing this because I am the kind of person who pushes literally everything to the last second without much planning. To be able to plan this so far ahead is really incredible for me. Oh and one think to note is, don’t mind the foul language that is me being in the zone.

Now onto the vlog!

Vlog part1

The vlog started out at 10am which was really early for me so I started to pace around the house and rant. We’re going to make this negative, angry ranting part short. In summary, I have to bring this item I bought to the organisation’s office for servicing in the morning because the sales person is only there before 12pm. What pissed me off was the item was already malfunction before I even started to use it. Plus, I’m not a morning person. Thus, this was a very angry trip.

Vlog part 2

And as a musical person, I calm myself down by lip singing and dancing to music. So que the madness.

An hour later…

video extra space

The office was really in extra space. I’m shock because I always thought extra space is purely for others to rent storage lockers to put their stuff. Looks like we learn something today.

Video after extra space

Video corridor walking

Sooo, I found my way back to my house area, after wandering into a random neighbourhood. I caught a bus and we are on our journey!

Bus video

By this time, I met my friend for lunch and my friends are camera shy so I don’t vlog around them. But here’s a cool thing I saw from Typo!

Typo stuff video – voice over – Coollll ~

Now we’re moving on to Ilight 2017 but before that, food!

Japanese food video

*Sigh* I’m not a very good vlogger. By saying that, I don’t mean my horrible camera quality, the way I film. I just meant, I forgot got to vlog when I should have. But I did not forget to Instagram story this. So prepare to see multiple vertical videos right about now!

Vertical video

Honestly, I don’t know what most of these art lighty things are called because this year, I didn’t planned to blog about this nor go to this like what I did last year. SO yeah but because it’s my vlog day, I took a lot of videos at at least. So cue the videos and prolyl the voice over! With my limited knowledge, I’ll try to tell you what is what.

Ilight videos

Oh we’ve reached this part. So when we out to this exhibit, we thought it was fine to cut through the grass to go to the end of this exhibit and the other exhibits on the grass. We were so wrong. Because we ended up sinking into the mud. Little did we know that it was raining earlier the day. Thus, when we finally got out of the mud,  our shoe and my feet became brown. I felt like I had a mud exfoliation session for my foot. Well obviously, by that time of the night, I didn’t have the mood to carry on plus we kind of finish it except for those exhibit on the field.

Ilight back

And that’s the end of my videos and pictures of ilight! It had been a long day so we’re going to end off the video with this cool ass, egg – bread reciepe which all of you should try because it’s so nice and easy.

Egg video

All it takes is 2 pieces of bread, 2 slices of cheese, butter and egg. So good! Recipe  will be on

And that’s the end of I Vlog U Watch 3! Vlogging is really interesting for me. It’s definitely something bold and new because for the past few years I solely produce beauty related content. Now that I’ve incorporated a lot of lifestyle and personal content in IreviewUread. I do hope that I don’t lose too many viewers for I’m kinda of just leading all of you into the dark here. So yeah. I do want to continue ranting but this vlog is getting long so we’re going to end here. Do subscribe to Ireviewuread youtube for more vlogs, diy tutorials, beauty reviews and other stuff. Check out to read my crazy thoughts and just a lot of other things. Follow me on my Instagram @ireviewureadsh and like my facebook page @ireviewuread to keep updated with my life and my random sharings. And finally if you like how this video is ‘formatted’ do like, share and comment. Now, balloon time!

Balloon video